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From Fade to Taper: Understanding the Different Types of Haircuts for Men

From Fade to Taper: Understanding the Different Types of Haircuts for Men

From Fade to Taper: Understanding the Different Types of Haircuts for Men

Deciding on your next visit to the barbershop goes beyond just saying, “Give me the usual.” There are many different haircut styles and technical terms for gents to consider beyond just length. By learning more about popular types of haircuts for men – from the difference between fades and tapers to options like pompadours, side parts, and the classic comb over – you can better discuss the precise look you want with your barber in park slope mens haircut to ensure haircutting success.

1.    The Iconic Fade Haircut

One of the most requested modern and best haircuts for men is the fade. This style features hair clipped close and shorter around the sides and back but left longer at the top. It gradually “fades” from shorter to longer hair rather than having a blunt transition line. You can choose:

  • Low fades – Short at the bottom, tapering near ears/temples 
  • Mid fades – Clipped down halfway up the sides
  • High fades – Tapering occurs higher near the crown

Adding a hard edge “line up” at the temples/neckline looks sharp. Fades work with many styles, from buzz cuts to curly afros.

2.    The Subtle Taper Haircut

Similar to fades, “taper” haircuts also transition gradually from short sides to longer hair on top. But the slope is subtler and gradual than fades. It is one the best haircuts for men that gives a polished yet understated look perfect for professionals. Tapering can be:  

  • Low taper – Very gradual shift in length near the ears 
  • Medium taper – Sides slope up to a longer top
  • High taper – Occurs higher on the head for conservative styles

Tapers don’t include hard lines like fades. This technique works for crew cuts, Ivy League, and classic business cuts.

3.    Creating Contrast with Undercuts

Undercuts maximize contrast by marrying very short clipped sides and back with longer-styled hair on top. The disconnect between lengths is dramatic. The longer top locks are often swept upwards and forwards. Intensity can vary:

  • Subtle undercuts – Sides slightly shorter than the tapered top
  • Aggressive undercuts – Shaved sides with multiple inches of length on top 
  • Textured undercuts – Buzzed sides with messy longer layers up top

Edgy styles like pompadours, quiffs, and faux hawks benefit from the extreme contrast undercuts create.

4.    Vintage Charm of the Combover

A timeless, distinguished style for gentlemen is the “combover” haircut. Hair is cut short on the sides but left longer at the front and crown. The longer top layers are then combed over the balding or thinning hair at the top to create the illusion of fullness. Variations include:

  • Short combovers – Very conservative, more scalp visible
  • Long combovers – Fullness maximized with longer strands combed over
  • Neat combovers – Crisp side part with precise combing
  • Textured combovers – Top layers are tousled for volume 
  • A skillful barber helps style combovers to look dignified yet natural.

5.    Creating Volume with the Pompadour

The “pompadour” remains a bold, eye-catching style perfect for making a statement. It is one of the best haircuts for men that clips short to mid-length on sides and back, then longer hair on top is styled upwards and swept back off the face. Key elements include:

  • Taller pompadours with pronounced height vs. subtle shapes
  • Volume focused at the front, sides taper back
  • Smooth, sleek finish or teased for texture
  • Works with both straight and curly hair

A strong pomade or wax helps sculpt pompadour height. This cut pairs well with faded sides.

6.    The Side Part – A Sophisticated Classic

The quintessential “side part” haircut provides a polished, versatile style option. As the name implies, hair is neatly combed to the side with a defined part line dividing one side from the other. Executing side parts well relies on the following:

  • A precise, clean part line with uniform separation 
  • Avoiding flat spots by tapering around the perimeter 
  • Balancing proportions – don’t overcomb to the side
  • Styling aids to hold the part line in place 
  • Complementing the natural growth pattern and face shape

For a chic style suitable to both casual and professional settings, refined side parts remain a versatile staple cut.

Choose the Right Haircut with Barbershop Park Slope

Understanding the unique technical elements of popular types of haircuts for men allows better communication with your barber so you get the precise look you envision. Share this guide before your next appointment to choose the right taper, fade, undercut, or combover to complement your style.

The skilled barbers at Barbershop Park Slope in Brooklyn expertly deliver today’s hottest looks customized to enhance your natural features. Schedule a consultation to explore which cut will have you looking your very best.